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How to get Private Key from Neblio QT (Guide)

This is just a quick guide on how to get your Private key from Neblio QT

First open Neblio QT, i'll be using version 1.3.1 as it is the most current at time of writing this guide.


Now we will need to unlock the wallet by going to Settings -> Unlock Wallet


Make sure to untick the "For Staking Only" box and enter your passphrase and then unlock


You should see at the bottom it now says your wallet is unlocked.


Go to the receive address tab and copy your receiving address as shown


Now go to Help -> Debug Window


Click the console tab at the top of the window


Enter in the command: dumpprivkey followed by your neblio address which you can do by right click pasting (Ctrl +V) example below:


After pressing enter the output in the console is your private key


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